Preparing for Breast Augmentation

What to Do Prior to Boob Job?

When planning for recovery after surgery, people often think about a ride home from the facility but not much further than the ride. The little details may seem trivial but, after breast augmentation these items can make the difference in you having a comfortable recovery. Let’s look at some things you should do before breast augmentation surgery to help make your breast surgery recovery a lot more comfortable.

Cleanse the Atmosphere

Prior to “the big day”, be sure and get the laundry done and clean the house. Stressing over housework while you are trying to heal is not going to help you recover any easier. Besides, healing the body is more effective when the atmosphere is calm and cleansed. Pay all your bills and do any necessary banking ahead of time.

Relocate the Necessities

Since you won’t be reaching above your shoulders for a few weeks and bending over might not be too comfortable, you will want to relocate the necessities in your home. A few days prior to surgery, move anything you may need to an easy location. Also, turn the bedside table into a post-op recovery station. Keep a box of tissues, some lip balm, medications, bottled water and baby wipes for freshening up. Place a bottle of cocoa butter or shea butter near your shower. When given the OK from your doctor, use the lotion to moisturize your skin after each shower.

Pre-Surgery Shopping

You don’t have to go crazy with purchases prior to breast augmentation surgery but you should have a few things handy to make recovery easier. Most people have at least one ice pack already but you might want to consider having four in the freezer. After all, you have two breasts which need iced for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the first 3 or so days afterward. Get four ice packs so you will have two for the breasts and two sitting in the freezer for the switch-out. Also, get yourself a few extra pillows and some bendy straws. You will be required to rest upright at at a 45-degree angle for the first 3 days to help reduce swelling and bruising. Bendy straws make drinks so much easier to enjoy.

Plan a Menu

Since cooking a 3-course meal will be out of the question, you should plan a menu before your procedure. You have several options including preparing and freezing meals ahead of time or stocking up on some pre-made frozen meals and canned soups. You will want to have plenty of bottled water, white grape juice, prune juice and/or canned peaches handy since pain meds and lack of movement may keep your bowels from moving. Be sure to have some healthy snacks by your bedside table like mixed nuts, trail mix, apples and crackers.

Wardrobe Check

Before breast enhancement surgery, you need to assess your wardrobe for accessibility. Keep in mind that you will not be able to pull a shirt over your head so it is essential to have shirts that button or zip up in the front. In addition, bring out your sweatpants and track suits for comfort. Your doctor should provide you with a post-op bra which is comfy and easy to remove. If you are supposed to provide that for yourself, choose one that is bigger than your new bra size to accommodate for swelling.

Family Plans

Family responsibilities such as caring for a young child and walking the dog may be restricted after breast surgery. Therefore, you might have to call for some help during the first week. Arrange for a friend or family member to stay with you. Ask a neighbor to walk the dog or arrange for boarding.

Follow All Instructions

The doctor will provide you with pre-op and post-op instructions. You should plan to be off work for 7-14 days especially if your work involves a lot of bending or heavy lifting. Rushing your recovery could result in poor wound healing and unsightly scarring. Some pre-op and post-op restrictions include no alcohol or tobacco consumption and no consumption of certain drugs or herbal remedies at least one week prior to surgery. If your procedure is in the morning, have a healthy snack and beverage before midnight. You can shower the morning of the procedure but do not apply any deodorant, makeup, hairspray, lotion or contact lenses. Bring a cold bottle of water and a small trashcan for the ride home in case you get thirsty or feel nauseous from the anesthesia.