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Breast Implant Revision – How to Know if You Need It

Do You Need a Breast Implant Revision

In order to give the breasts a look that is larger in size and shape, many patients have breast implants placed in the body. In general, breast implants can remain in the body for anywhere from ten to twenty years but there are often some reasons they might need to be replaced earlier than that time period. Let’s examine some of the reasons you might want to have breast implant revision surgery and the reasons range from personal preference to medical reasons that occur in the body of a patient.

Breast Implant Revision Surgery – Common Reasons for the Surgery

One of the most common reasons why a person might want to have breast implant revision surgery is the fact that they are not happy with the results they gained from having breast implants placed in the body. The amount of breast augmentation gained by the breast implants might be a bit too much and the patient might want to have a smaller or reduced size to the breasts.

Breast implant revision Before making the final decision to make any changes to the size of the breast implants, keep in mind that many doctors recommend waiting for a period of about twelve months after the initial surgical procedure before you make any changes. This amount of time is necessary so the body can fully heal. Plus, the breast implants will be able to settle into their final position in the body so you can see how they sit on the chest and fit into clothing once they are in place.

There are also times when breast implants can cause quite a bit of discomfort once they are in the body and some of the reasons for this level of discomfort include poor placement of the implants and capsular contracture. In addition, you might simply be uncomfortable with their size and shape to the point that you want a surgeon to address the issue.

In addition, the breast implants can begin to settle into a different position and it can become an issue if they move to a much different location on the chest wall. This is known as breast implant displacement, and it can happen for a number of reasons such as the pocket where the breast implants are placed being too large AKA lateral displacement. An overly large implant pocket can also cause breast implants to rotate and give the breasts a look that is not natural and overly heavy at the top.

As the breast implants continue to age, the shell of the implant can get weaker, and this can cause the breast implant to rupture. A rupturing of the implant can also happen if an accident causes the shell of the implant to experience an intense and sudden amount of physical pressure. There will be an almost immediate deflation of the breast implant if it is a saline breast implant, and the saline solution will be absorbed by the body. If the rupturing breast implant is a silicone breast implant, this will have to be diagnosed using an ultrasound or an MRI as the gel that is located in the silicone implant normally leaks slowly into the body of the person.

Breast implants can also change their shape if they shift, rupture, or become displaced from their intended position or location. While the changes that can happen to a breast implant normally happen to just one of the breasts, there are times when both breast implants can change their shape. However, the changes to both implants might be asymmetrical in appearance which means they did not change in the same manner or shape which can cause a problem with finding clothing that is able to fit properly.

It is normal for scar tissue to form while you are healing from the breast implant surgery. Do not worry as the scar tissue capsule that forms can work to support the breast implant and help it remain in place. There are times when the body mistakes the breast implant for a foreign object that is located in the body AKA capsular contracture. The body overproduces hard tissue, and the tissue is also dense in nature. The hard tissue surrounds the breast implant, and the condition can be classified as being anywhere from normal to severe. A severe case of capsular contracture can give the breasts an overly misshaped or round look along with an unnatural feeling. Breast implant surgery is likely to be necessary if this occurs in the body.

Not sure what is causing any type of issue with your breast implants? Schedule a consultation appointment to have them examined. The doctor will listen to your concerns and examine the breasts in order to create a treatment plan for the breast implants and help you gain relief and/or a desired size and shape for the breasts.

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