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Breast Implant Sizes

When a patient decides to undergo a breast implant surgery, it obviously means she wants bigger boobs. However, choosing between bigger or smaller implants is not easy as it seems. There’s always the question of “how big is too big”? Most patients want at least a small C cup but there are quite a few who are already satisfied with just a small improvement in size. Many believe that implants that are too large carry a greater risk of complications. Is such a belief true or is it just another of the many misconceptions about breast implants?

Breast Implant SizesPatients who want to have implants have a great selection of sizes to choose from. The smallest size available is 125cc while the largest size is 1200cc. Small implants are the sizes 300cc and below while 400cc or greater are the bigger sizes. Choosing the right size is based on several factors which include the current size and shape of the breasts and the expectations of the patient. The patient’s body type is another important thing that must be considered when making the final decision.

To determine the best implant size that will suit the patient, the surgeon will first take the patient’s body measurements. The size chosen is just an estimate and can be changed to smaller or bigger sizes to satisfy the patient’s expectations. The most satisfactory post-operative results are obtained by those who go into surgery with realistic expectations as well as those who want to improve their appearance for themselves and not for anyone else. Patients that are pressured to choose larger implants by somebody else usually end up becoming extremely dissatisfied in the long run. They are often the ones who seek revision surgeries in the future.

Women who are looking for more natural-looking breasts should opt for smaller implants. They make the breasts look bigger but not so big that the appearance of surgery is obvious. Smaller implants are ideal for restoring lost breast volume due to pregnancy or breastfeeding. Other advantages of smaller implants include:

  • They look less obtrusive
  • There is less tissue distortion
  • Retains more fatty tissue and provides a more natural texture
  • Less post-operative complications
  • Faster recovery
  • Fits an assorted selection of clothing
  • Does not interfere with an active lifestyle

Smaller is not necessarily better because patient satisfaction also plays a role. The problem with smaller implants is that the change in size may not be substantial enough to meet the patient’s desires. Some patients regret not choosing bigger implants. In such cases, another implant surgery is done using bigger implants. While a second surgery is not bad in itself, patients are encouraged to set reasonable and accurate expectations from their primary surgery so the results will be satisfying and long-lasting.

Breast augmentation is more of a cosmetic procedure where women want a substantial increase in the size of their breasts. Based on size alone, it seems that bigger implants are the way to go. Bigger implants also have more impact on the shape and overall appearance of the breasts. Other than the obvious size increase, bigger implants really have nothing more to offer. In fact, they have a long list of disadvantages including:

  • Removal of more fatty tissues
  • Higher risk of post-operative complications
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Longer recovery period
  • Stretch marks
  • Makes clothes difficult to fit
  • Interferes with physical activity
  • Sagging of the breasts over time

Although some women regret getting smaller implants, not all patients who get bigger implants (or decide to switch to bigger implants) are happy with their choice. The overall satisfaction rate varies among patients.

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