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March 11, 2021
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Common Fears of Breast Augmentation Addressed

Breast augmentation fears

There are a variety of reasons why patients choose to have breast augmentation procedures including increasing the size of their breasts, altering their shape or making them have a more symmetrical appearance. While some women want to make a change in their natural breast appearance, some may never go forward with the procedure citing their own fears about having a procedure. On the other hand, some may go forward but they don’t get the results they desired while others may have complications that occur during or after the procedure.

Common Breast Augmentation Fears

Breast Augmentation ConcernsOne fear or concern often associated with breast augmentations is actually the final results. The overall point of breast augmentation is to give the breast the most natural look possible. However, we have all seen breast augmentation results that do not look very natural in appearance.

Dr. Sanjay Grover is a certified plastic surgeon located in Newport Beach, CA. Dr. Grover specializes in the “custom dual plane” technique which places the implant beneath the pectoral muscle and creating a natural teardrop shape. This technique satisfies any size that is desired by the patient. For ladies seeking a more subtle change in cup size, Dr. Grover recommends a fat transfer procedure that redistributes fat from other regions such as the abdomen, “love handles” and thighs or a breast augmentation procedure that is performed with considerably smaller implants.

Another common area of concern is the fear that the implants will have to be replaced on a regular basis. Dr. Grover says, “That was a fear that originated from older generations of silicone implants when MRI studies showed that some had up to a 50% rupture risk after 10 years,” With technology advances in breast augmentation, the issues that arose generations ago with implants are not expected to be the same issues a person will face today. The latest generation of silicone implants has a rupture rate of only 10% after 10 years. In the event that a rupture occurs, keep in mind that they are not harmful to the patient and there are warranties put in place that ensure the implant company will provide a replacement.

Type of Breast Implant ConcernAccording to Dr. Beverly Fischer MD, from Baltimore, Maryland, certain risks for breast augmentation procedures are very rare. “It’s estimated that the risk of suffering from a complication such as bleeding or infection is around 2%. During a standard procedure, your risk of a complication is almost 0.”

Textured Implants Concerns

There are reports circulating about textured implants causing much more dire complications such as cancer. The Food and Drug Administration has recently recalled BIOCELL textured implants that are said to have attributed to the appearance of a non-Hodgkins lymphoma or cancer of the immune system. Since these breast implants have been recalled, this is an issue that is expected to be non-existent with patients that are undergoing breast augmentation going forward. As with any headline grabbing complication associated with a very common procedure, it is natural for it to be talked about on a frequent basis and it has swayed many away from the procedure. Patients should do an adequate amount of research to draw their own fact based conclusions and weigh all the pros and cons of breast implants before going having the procedure.

Breast Implant Preparation and Recovery

When preparing for any medical procedure, there are always warnings about what could go wrong and this can be the source of much concern for the patient. Signing and reading paperwork can be intimidating with possible death being listed as a risk of having a medical procedure but this is a very rare occurrence. “The risk of something going wrong is about 1:100,000 – essentially 0” according to Dr. Fischer. Scheduling a consultation appointment with a doctor as well as sharing thorough information regarding the current health status of the patient can alleviate any pressures or concerns about having surgery.

For the most part, patients can expect very little downtime or for their daily life to be dramatically altered in any way after the procedure. There is often a concern that day to day activities or hobbies will have to be halted for a little while or the patient will have to permanently stop certain activities after the procedure. Thankfully, this fear is not a valid one and patients should not worry about major changes to their lifestyle.

According to Dr. Grover, “Patients no longer have to worry about being laid up or convalescing for weeks. They can get back to work in just a few days.” Regarding the worry about suspending most hobbies or activities, Dr. Fischer states “this may be the case while you are in the healing process but breast implants, after you are fully recovered, will have no effect on your lifestyle. There’s no need to be worried about having to discontinue your favorite sports, hobbies, or recreational activities”.

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