Breast Augmentation

The decision to gain a larger look to the breasts is one shared by many women across the country. One of the most popular methods of breast augmentation is the placement of breast implants in the body. Breast implants give the breasts a larger and firmer look along with an improved contour. What is involved in breast implant surgery? What do patients need to know about having the procedure? The answers can be found in the article below.

Breast Implants – Patients Need to Make the Decision

Make a decision for breast implantsOne of the first things that needs to be decided before having breast implant surgery is making sure that the patient is the one that wants to make the desired changes to the look of the breasts. They do not need to have breast augmentation surgery in order to make a loved one happier with the appearance of their body. Breast augmentation, and plastic surgery in general, is a private decision that needs to be made according to the wishes and desires of the actual patient.

A person who wants breast implant surgery does not need to have the procedure in order to try and look like someone they have viewed on social media. There is a lot of pressure in society to try and look good at all times. This pressure is amplified by the viewing of photos and videos on social media. Instead of trying to copy the look of another person, the patient needs to remember that they are an individual and can have the look they want for their body.

The patient also needs to perform research on the doctor and medical clinic they want to visit for the surgery. They should read reviews from actual patients and view “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the surgeon. Instead of going for the cheapest price, patients should make sure the doctor is board-certified and experienced in performing breast implant surgery. The expertise of the doctor is tied to their experience so make sure to pick a doctor with years of experience in performing the surgery.

Breast Implants – How They are Placed in the Body

The placement of breast implants is one type of breast augmentation surgery AKA augmentation mammoplasty. The size and shape of the breasts are enlarged and enhanced through the placement of breast implants either under the chest muscle or behind breast tissue. There are some patients who want to have the surgery to address an asymmetrical look to the breasts, add volume to breasts that are small in size and appearance, or they might simply want to gain a figure that is more voluptuous in appearance.

A breast implant that is placed in the body can be filled with either silicone or saline (which is sterile salt water). The surgeon creates an incision in the targeted area of the breasts and then places the breast implant in the body. Once the breast implant is in place, the incision created by the surgeon is sutured shut. The patient will be given anesthesia at the start of the surgery to keep them comfortable and free of pain.

Breast Implants – What are the Results?

The results of breast implant surgery are different for each patient as the procedure is performed in order to meet their specific goals.In general, patients will likely experience some fatigue and pain in the breasts during the first few days after the surgery. Any gauze dressings placed on the body by the surgeon will be removed after a few days and then the patient will need to wear a special surgical bra that helps to support the breasts. The patient will also need to get plenty of rest following the procedure and limit their motions while also not lifting anything heavy.

Once the recovery period is over, most breast implants can last anywhere from ten to twenty years without any type of complications. It is important for patients to know that the results of breast implant surgery are long-lasting, but they are not permanent. The breast implants can reach the end of their natural life cycle and need to be replaced at some point in the future. The patient can also make the decision to remove or replace them sometime after the surgery. The person might get tired of having larger breasts as the trend towards larger breasts might pass or the idea of having larger breasts might not fit the lifestyle or look of the person anymore. The breast implants can be removed completely from the body, or they can be replaced with smaller (or even larger) breast implants that better fit the desired body shape of the patient.

No matter the size or shape of the breast implants desired by a person, they should discuss the pros and cons of the procedure with a board-certified doctor before making the final decision to have the procedure.

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