Breast Augmentation

Years ago, plastic surgery was considered something celebrities didn’t talk about. The desire to improve their bodies with breast augmentation was often criticized by the media, fans and other celebrities. With all of their photo opportunities, it was often difficult for celebrity figures to hide their “before and after” results. However, some celebrities were not shy about their breast implants and curvy new figures. In honor of these celebrities going under the knife, we are proud to share the top celebrity breast implants of all time (whether the celebs admitted to them or not).

Celebrity Breast ImplantsPamela Anderson

Pamela is known for her former role in “Baywatch” while others have seen her in Playboy magazine. Pamela has spent most of her life in the spotlight but, after appearing in Playboy for the second time, she decided to get breast implants. This augmentation caused her stardom to skyrocket as she appeared in the magazine additional times and began her acting career.

Salma Hayek

This celebrity became an international superstar after appearing in the movie “From Dusk till Dawn”. As her celebrity status advanced, so has the appearance of her body. Photographs of her early days of stardom shows a smaller bust size than her current curves but Salma isn’t admitting to breast implants. Even though plastic surgery is widely acceptable, celebrity breast implants are still debatable since many celebrities go overboard with implants.

Lil’ Kim

In 1995, Lil’ Kim made a name for herself as a member of Junior M.A.F.I.A. and she is now known for being a singer, rapper and songwriter. Lil’ Kim went solo and created a number of hit albums before she decided to have cosmetic surgery for rhinoplasty and breast implants. With such a small frame, and standing a mere 4’ 11”, most critics believe that Lil’ Kim exceeded a natural size for her breast implants. Despite what others think about her implant size, Lil’ Kim continues to flaunt her curvaceous breasts with revealing fashions.

Heidi Montag

A former cast member of “The Hills, Montag has not been shy about her plastic surgery adventures. In fact, Heidi had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day. However, the breast implant size she chose gained the biggest exposure since it was an excessive G-cup. After a few months, Heidi decided that she wanted a breast reduction to a more manageable size.

Carmen Electra

Like Pamela Anderson, Carmen is a former “Baywatch” actress and Playboy model. Carmen decided to have double D-size breast implants. Although it is safe to say that much of Carmen’s fame has been due to her large chest, she has admitted that she went a little overboard with her implant size.


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