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Breast augmentation is a cosmetic breast surgery that is performed to gives patients a more enhanced and rejuvenated look to the breasts. In addition, breast augmentation also provides a better contour and overall shape to the appearance of the breasts. Even with the benefits and natural looking results provided by breast augmentation, many patients are unsure about undergoing the procedure because they are not sure how their breasts will look after the surgery. Patients that do not want to have breast augmentation because of their doubts about how they will look after the final results are visible are able to have another alternative treatment method. InstaBreast is a cosmetic surgery treatment that gives patients a temporary increase in the appearance of their breasts without the need to have a surgical procedure.

InstaBreast Instant Breast Augmentation Explained

InstabreastInstaBreast was developed so patients would be able to see how they would look after undergoing breast augmentation. In the past, breast enhancement results were determined for patients through the use of methods such as implant sizers and 3D imaging. While these methods gave patients a pretty good idea of what their breasts would look like after breast implants were placed, they often provided an unrealistic or inaccurate representation of the final results.

Patients that decide to undergo InstaBreast have an area at the edge of each nipple that is picked as the section where the InstaBreast injections will be performed. The doctor will inject about a half-liter of saline solution into the breast tissue of the patient. The needle that has the saline solution is injected into different areas of the breast at multiple angles until the breasts reach their desired amount of fullness. After the injection process is completed, the saline solution is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream of the patient. In general, the results of InstaBreast last about 24 hours. Once the 24 hours have passed, and the saline solution is absorbed into the bloodstream, the breasts return to their natural size.

InstaBreast is a noninvasive procedure so it only takes about 15-20 minutes to perform the treatment. Plus, the results only last for 24 hours (or so) which means patients do not have to worry about being unhappy with the appearance of their breasts on a long-term basis.

Benefits and Risks of InstaBreast

Instabreast Risks and BenefitsInstaBreast is an ideal treatment for patients that want to augment or enhance their breasts on a temporary basis so they can achieve a different look for special events or simply to see what they will look like with larger breasts. It is a nonsurgical method that allows women to see how their body will look before making the final decision to have a surgical breast augmentation procedure that provides long-lasting and permanent results.

When it comes to undergoing InstaBreast, the main benefits include:

  • Patients can see how their breasts will look after breast augmentation without having to undergo the actual surgical breast augmentation procedure
  • Saline injections have less risks, cost less and are less invasive than a traditional breast augmentation surgery
  • Saline injections cause little to no pain for the patient

While there are many benefits to having InstaBreast performed, there are also some risks as well:

  • Bruising
  • Stretching of the tissues
  • Discomfort during the injections
  • The results are not as dramatic in terms of their long-term impact on the appearance of the patient
  • Infection
  • The needle might hit a blood vessel during the injection of the saline solution and this could cause a hematoma (damage to the blood vessel that results in a collection of blood outside the blood vessel)
  • Long-term damage to the shape, contour and support of the breasts if the patient decides to have multiple InstaBreast treatments

Schedule a Consultation Appointment for InstaBreast

Before a patient decides to have InstaBreast breast augmentation performed on their breasts, they need to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor that has years of experience in performing the treatment. The doctor will examine the patient and determine the current condition of the breasts to make sure they are able to undergo the augmentation process provided by InstaBreast. In addition, the doctor will explain the benefits and risks of InstaBreast to the patient. In general, doctors feel that temporary breast augmentation should only be performed once or twice on a patient in order to avoid damage that can be long-term to the support and shape of the breasts. Plus, patients should have a good idea of what the permanent results of surgical breast augmentation will look like thanks to the temporary results provided by InstaBreast. The cosmetic surgeon will also discuss the reasons behind the desire to have InstaBreast performed. The doctor needs to know why the patient wants to have a temporary breast augmentation performed in order to determine if the results that are desired by the patient can best be achieved by InstaBreast or by undergoing surgical breast augmentation. Once the reasons behind the breast augmentation are determined, the doctor can proceed with the best option to provide the desired results.


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