Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a popular procedure that can have an impact on both the health and self-confidence of a person. It is designed to reduce the overall size of the breasts through the removal of excess fat, tissue and skin that is found on the underside of the breasts. If you are interested in learning more about breast reduction surgery including how it is performed and whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, take a look below to find the information you need to know about breast reduction surgery before you make the final decision to alter the size and shape of your breasts.

Breast Reduction – The Quest for Smaller Breasts

One of the main reasons that women with breasts that are naturally larger in size, or their breasts are larger due to breast implants, want smaller breasts is that they can experience a good amount of physical pain that results from the weight of the breasts. The pain can be located in the neck, back and shoulders and is a constant issue. In addition, the weight of large breasts can give a person poor posture and the inability to wear certain clothes or take part in some activities due to their size and weight.

The desire for smaller breasts can be due to women feeling like others are constantly looking at them or judging their appearance. They feel self-conscious about their appearance and want a change that makes them feel “less noticed” by others.

There are also some women who no longer want large breast implants due to changing trends or a change in their personal preference. No matter the reason for the desired breast reduction, the procedure is an ideal choice to help accomplish the desired physical changes.

Breast Reduction – What You Need to Know about Surgery and Recovery

What to know about breast reduction surgery and recoveryYour first step is scheduling a consultation appointment with an experienced and board-certified surgeon. The doctor will examine the current size, weight, and condition of the breasts to make sure you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. The surgeon will also conduct any necessary tests to make sure you are healthy enough to have the surgery. In addition to the physical examination, the surgeon will discuss the reasons you want to have the surgery and also share the risks and benefits of breast reduction to make sure you are fully informed about the pros and cons of the surgery.

The surgical team will administer anesthesia at the start of the surgery so you will remain comfortable while they make the desired changes to the breasts. The surgeon will create an incision that begins at the pigmented area around the nipple (AKA the areola) and continues down the body until it reaches the underside of the breast. Then, the required amount of skin and fatty tissue is removed to create the reduction in the size of the breasts. The doctor might be able to leave the nipple in its natural location or the nipple might need to be repositioned by the surgeon.
If you currently have breast implants, the reduction in the size of breasts can be achieved by completely removing the breast implants from the body or removing the current implants and then replacing them with breast implants of a smaller size.

Once the surgery is complete, your breasts will need to be wrapped in gauze bandages (for an amount of time determined by the surgeon). Plus, the surgeon might need to attach drainage tubes to your breasts to eliminate excess fluids that are still in the body after the surgery.
It can take about a week before you can start to wear a bra again and it will need to be a special soft bra that protects the breasts during the healing process. You will need to wear this soft bra for multiple weeks.

Once you return home, you will not be able to perform any activities that can strain the muscles. Plus, your breasts might be too painful to touch so pain medication could be necessary to keep the pain under control. Be prepared to experience some numbness and an overall tired feeling as it can take several months for any post-surgery swelling to resolve on its own. Breast reduction surgery can include several risks including final results that are asymmetrical in appearance, scarring, and a loss of sensation in the breasts or nipples.

Breast Reduction – Results Revealed

The final results of breast reduction surgery can be quite dramatic in appearance, and they will be visible almost immediately after the surgery. If you are a patient who has been experiencing ongoing pain due to the size or weight of your breasts, be prepared to enjoy relief from the constant discomfort you felt from having larger breasts.

Once the breasts are reduced in size, you might need to buy new clothes that better fit your body. Plus, you will likely be able to participate in sporting activities that you were unable to enjoy in the past.

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