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Kanye West Breast Reduction – “Man Boob” Drama

Kanye West Man Boobs

There has been some celebrity gossip surrounding Kanye West and his current appearance. There are some peoples that are saying he might be on an extremely strict diet because he thinks the Kardashians are laughing at him behind his back about his “man boobs” and slob nature. A tabloid recently reported that, even though he has gained increased confidence from his new relationship with Irina Shayk, he is still incredibly “desperate” to lose weight. Is this an attempt to impress his new girlfriend? Or an attempt to prove his ex-wife and her family wrong? Or maybe both?

Kanye West Attempt to Lose Extra Pounds

Kanye West Man Boobs Weight Loss Journey“Kanye’s Diet from Hell!” was the headline on the cover of a recent issue of the National Enquirer. According to the famous tabloid, “bulky” Kanye West has become even more desperate to lose some weight than he was in the past thanks to his new relationship with supermodel Irina Shayk. According to insiders, when Kanye was with Kim, his weight was a constant source of conflict and friction. Now, it seems that Kanye does not want to repeat the process with his new girlfriend. In fact, the gossip sources insist that the rapper has found the process to be complete and utter “TORTURE.”

According to sources close to Kanye, he has apparently hired an entirely new staff to help him reach his goal of losing lots and lots of weight. These new staff members include a trainer, a chef, and “a live-in life coach to be on call 24/7”. However, it has still been a “nightmare” according to the source. The “insider” also claims that while West is still definitely experiencing a “real confidence boost” after “landing himself one of the hottest supermodels on the planet,” those around him heavily doubt her intentions. The source goes on to emphasize that Kanye is doing his best to ignore these claims and is calling them “rumors and lies”. The insider goes on to explain that “He won’t let it enter his head [that] Irina’s more turned on by his checkbook and the limelight than his supposed genius, charm, and good looks”. Making all of this even worse are reports of the Kardashian’s supposed teasing towards West. “He knows the Kardashians still laugh about his man boobs and what a slob he is,” the source continues and even claims that West wants to prove all the haters wrong “by looking his very best”.

Despite his motivation, all is not said and done for when it comes to Kanye’s heftiness. According to the insider source, Kanye’s complete and utter disdain for salads, greens and exercising all stand in his way as giant hurdles to overcome. He also vehemently refuses to get surgery (even though he has undergone liposuction in the past) because of the way his mother died. As is well-known by the public, West’s mother died the day after undergoing breast reduction surgery. This is likely the cause for West’s extreme hesitancy to undergo any type of male breast reduction surgery.

Kanye West Cosmetic Surgery – What are the Facts?

West had liposuction performed in 2016 (almost a decade after the 2007 death of his mother). He admitted to the surgery in a 2018 interview with Charlamagne tha God by saying that he had the surgery in order to look better and avoid the scathing online comments that his then-brother-in-law Rob Kardashian constantly received for his weight. West went on to say that the surgery had actually led to an extreme, unhealthy addiction to the opioid pain medication he was prescribed after the surgery. This, he claims, is what led to his infamous onstage breakdown. One can assume that all of these factors play into West’s daily struggles with weight loss.

Kanye West and “Man Boobs” – Are the Kardashians Making Fun of Him?

While it can be easy to believe that West has put more of a focus on losing weight and/or becoming more fit, it is hard to believe he is doing so in order to prove the Kardashian clan and their friends wrong. Instead, it has been reported that Kanye has been avoiding them as much as he can. It is also doubtful that the Kardashian family is out there making fun of West’s “man boobs.” That sounds more like something a tabloid would say about West rather than something the Kardashians would say about a former family member.

The National Enquirer and its sister publication, the Globe, have been called out on this subject in the past. It seems like neither outlet can stop itself from body and fat–shaming West. They do it while pretending to be a concerned onlooker worried about his health but it is always best to take the information in the tabloids with a grain of salt, (especially when it concerns someone as popular as Kanye West). Gossip magazines will create almost any story about a celebrity if it is believable enough to sell magazines.

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