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Holiday Gifts for Women with Breast Implants

Breast Implant Christmas Gifts

With Christmas quickly approaching, you may be wondering what to get the woman in your life that had breast implant surgery. She will certainly be in need of some new undergarments and cute tops to flatter her new contours but the type of breast implant, and shape of her new breasts, may make a difference in the style of clothing she prefers. Furthermore, she may not be quite sure what will fit properly and what she will feel comfortable wearing.

Don’t worry! Here are some gift ideas that will make her Christmas morning magical.

Breast Implant Christmas GiftsA New Necklace

Sparkle your way into her heart this holiday season with the gift of a dazzling new necklace to tastefully highlight her new curves. The gift of a nice teardrop style necklace that fits her particular style will highlight her neckline and her new cleavage.

Lingerie Gift Card

Although you may be tempted to hit the lingerie store to scoop up a silk teddy or a plunging bra, she may not be comfortable and confident with her new shape yet. Instead, consider purchasing a lingerie gift card so she can take the time to find items that make her comfortable. You can even offer the gift card with an afternoon of shopping together. She will love the idea of spending time with you as she picks out the style, color and shape she desires.

Spa Certificate

Recovery after breast implants can be a stressful experience. Many spas offer gift certificates for special occasions and holiday seasons. Send her alone or make it a special evening for the two of you. As an added bonus, surprise her with a basket of skin care creams to help her keep her skin soft and moisturized all year long.

Sticky Bras and Nipple Pasties

While going bra-less is something many women are comfortable with, a woman who recently had breast implants may not be ready for this. However, many plunging tops and dresses require her to go bra-less. That’s where a sticky bra or nipple pasties comes into play. These little miracles allow her to wear a strapless dress, plunging V-neck sweater or open back dress with confidence in public.


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