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Determining the Best Breast Size around the World

Breast Implant sizes

Breast Implant sizesWhen you imagine your ideal vacation, perhaps going to the ocean or touring new places is your goal. However, many people book a trip to another country in order to have surgery. “Cosmetic surgery tourism” is when a person travels to a different country to have a cosmetic procedure.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic surgery tourism has become increasingly popular over the past ten years. Many people travel for an elective procedure because of the lower cost. An expensive surgery in America might be a third of the cost elsewhere. However, do cultural aspects play a role in the ideal outcome of a cosmetic surgery?

An international study showed that plastic surgeons from diverse countries had different preferences for their ideal breast cup size as well as the size of the areola. For example, surgeons from India favor breast implants which appear very full while surgeons from France would rather have the least fullness on the upper breast.

In addition to the ideal size and shape of the breast, surgeons from different countries also had varied opinions on the ideal areola size. German surgeons preferred the areola to be the smallest size while surgeons from Brazil support the largest areola size. So, where do U.S. surgeons stand with their vote on areola size? The surgeons from the United States tend to encourage large areolas.

In order to get their results, the study team sent out an electronic visual survey to 29 countries and 614 plastic surgeons. The survey had an interactive design where the surgeons were presented with an image of a model and asked to alter the image to demonstrate their idea of the perfect breast and areola size. The breast size was specifically tailored to reveal the surgeon’s preferred fullness with the upper area of the breast. All of the participants reported demographic information such as their nationality, ethnicity, age, sex and if their practice was academic or private.

Although a surgeon’s ethnicity didn’t have a significant impact on their preference, their age did. Older surgeons preferred a larger areola but less upper breast fullness. The study concluded that the difference in cultures in the various countries was the biggest aspect when it came to partiality. If you are considering cosmetic surgery tourism for a procedure such as breast augmentation, be aware that international differences in the ideal appearance may affect your outcome.

Although a cosmetic surgeon may have performed breast implants on many different women with diverse shapes and breast sizes, communication between the patient and surgeon is crucial. They can help you make an appropriate choice for your breast and areola size but it is important to clearly express your desires with your physician. It is also important for plastic surgeons to take into account the country of origin and cultural beliefs of their patients. Establishing a common ground with patients helps to create a sense of trust and can lead to greater satisfaction with the final results.

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