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Why Women Might Need Breast Revision

Why Woman Have Breast Augmentation Revision

Why Woman Have Breast Augmentation Revision

There are times when the results of breast surgery are not what the patient desired and she might want to undergo a revision procedure. Some of the cosmetic reasons a person might want a revision include:

  • Not being happy with the look or feel of the new breasts
  • The implants are not as big as expected
  • The desire to have even bigger breasts
  • The implants are simply too big
  • The new breasts are heavier and don’t fit their lifestyle
  • Switch the type of implants from silicone to saline or the other way around
  • They simply want to remove their implants and go back to their natural breasts

Medical Reasons

  • The most common medical reason for breast revision is a rupture of an implant. Capsular contracture is a complication that develops when internal scar tissue forms a constricting capsule around the implant. The scar tissue continues to contract until it becomes hard and misshapen while causing the patient a lot of pain in the process. Capsular contracture rates are lower with saline implants than silicone. Women suffering from capsular contracture due to silicone implants often have the implant removed and replaced with a saline implant.
  • A displaced implant, or an implant that is pushing through the skin, may need an additional surgery to adjust the placement.
  • A condition known as double bubble can occur due to saggy breasts or improper placement of the implants. A person with double bubble may appear to have two sets of breasts because the implants look like one set of breasts while the breast tissue that hangs too low resembles another set.
  • Other medical conditions which necessitate breast revision surgery include hematoma, infection and seroma.

Plan Ahead

To alleviate the need for breast revision surgery, patients should consider the size and type of implant prior to the initial surgery. They should examine their lifestyle and make sure their implant choices match. Patients need to perform adequate research to learn about any risks and the possible need for further procedures. Also, implants do not last forever so they will likely need to replace their implants. Some implant warranties cover a 10-year span while certain implant manufacturers such as Allergan and Mentor offer limited lifetime replacement warranties. Planning ahead when having breast augmentation surgery can help prevent the need for any type of revision surgery in the patient’s future.


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