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Breast Implants Yes or No

Breast Implants Yes or NoWhen a woman thinks about breast implants, certain beliefs may enter her mind. These ideas might be planted by the opinion of another person, false beliefs or even from the media. Many women fool themselves into believing that breast implants will make a difference in their lives. While the following are some of the reasons women have breast implants, remember that they might not be right for you.

I Did it to Feel Better About My Body

The belief that breast implants will make a woman feel better about her body is the top excuse used for having breast augmentation. However, breast implants cannot improve your self-esteem. Self-esteem issues are an internal problem which may need therapy to remedy so “fixing” the outside of your body is not a form of therapy. Women who are depressed are not going to be less depressed because they acquired larger breasts as they will soon realize that the implants did not “fix” their problems.

To Make Me Feel More Like a Woman

This is also a big reason for getting breast implants. However, women’s breasts naturally come in different shapes and sizes so what are normal breasts supposed to look like? Strangely enough, many people have learned ideal breast size from the images seen in porn and in the media. Women are not typically in a position to view other women’s natural breasts in the nude. Therefore, they learn that breasts are more desirable when they are large, full and symmetric. This leaves many women feeling inadequate even when their size and shape is ideal.

So My Clothes Would Fit Better

This is one of the worst excuses used for getting breast implants. Rather than getting better fitting clothes or having your favorite blouse tailored, you spent thousands of dollars to get breast implants? Breast implants should not be used to tailor your wardrobe. Instead, tailor your wardrobe to your body type and wear your breasts with pride!

I Did it for Me

Saying the phrase, “I did it for me,” actually means that you did it to look better because few people enjoy the experience of having foreign objects implanted into their body. Women tend to view themselves from an outsider’s perspective and this means that having breast implants is not really for them. They are doing it for others! So what’s in it for you? The cost of thousands of dollars to get the implants as well as lost time due to surgery, recovery and follow-up exams. You could also lose sensation in your breasts, increase your chance of cancer and possibly decrease your chances of detecting cancer. After hearing all of these possible complications, is it really for you?

When considering breast implants, be sure to ask yourself these questions to make sure you are choosing them for the right reasons. While no one views you in the same way as you do in a mirror, you might be viewing yourself at a lower level than you deserve.

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