Shape over Size in Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries performed all around the world. It can address your individual needs and the recovery is not complicated. However, many women are not sure what shape or size implant they should get. They often simply want bigger or fuller breasts and often use the cup size of a bra, such as a full B or C cup, to express their desires. Bra sizes can vary according to the bra manufacturer as well as the style, chest size and how you like your bra to fit. The differences in the shape of bra sizes leads many to believe that shape is more important than size when it comes to breast augmentation.

Bigger is Not Always Better

It is important to understand that choosing the best implants for you isn’t really about the size of the implant. Shape is more important with breast augmentation. Large or full implants don’t really fit well if they look out of proportion with the rest of your body. This is especially true if you have a small frame. When choosing the right size implant, shape plays a big part in the decision. Your height, weight, frame size and overall chest size should be considered when choosing your breast implants. For example, a patient who has a wider chest and wants better coverage will benefit from an implant that has a larger volume at the base but less projection. A patient, who wants a more natural breast look, with less upper chest fullness and a more natural fullness in the base of the breast, may choose a teardrop-shaped implant. Another consideration is whether a fuller implant is physically acceptable for your body and your lifestyle. Your body needs to have enough skin to stretch around the implant and enough supportive breast tissue to accommodate the weight of the implant. An implant that is too large may stretch the skin and the scar tissue. Also, larger implants may not be comfortable for physically active patients or runners since the implant may be too heavy or get in their way during high-performance activities.

Visualizing Your Shape

The type of clothing the patient desires to wear may also be impacted by the shape of the implant. A patient who wears low cut tops, with a lot of cleavage showing, may prefer round and fuller implants. Other patients, who do not like the feel of form-fitting clothes, may be better suited for a smaller size implant. To help you choose the right size and shape implant for your body type, the doctor will have you participate in a visual assessment with a sizer bra. The sizer bra, with sizer implants, will mimic what the breasts could appear like after the procedure. This will help you determine whether the size of your new breasts will fit your look or not. Patients are typically encouraged to bring a variety of tops to the appointment so they can get a good idea of how they may look in different styles. While some surgeons will allow you to take the sizer bra home to gain a better understanding of the weight and appearance of the potential implants, other doctors only do in-office assessments.


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