Breast Surgery Breast surgery, whether it is an augmentation or reduction operation, is the most commonly performed surgical procedure worldwide. What motivates a patient to undergo this kind of surgery? The answers to that question are many and can be found in this top 10 list of reasons for breast surgeries:

  1. Breast volume loss after pregnancy

The majority of patients who undergo breast surgery are in the 30-39 year-old range. This age range is the childbearing years. Women of this age often lose significant breast volume after giving birth and most of them aren’t happy that their boobs are now sagging. No amount of exercise can bring back the lost volume so the only way to restore it is through breast augmentation using implants. For these patients, breast augmentation is usually combined with other cosmetic procedures like a tummy tuck which is also known as the “mommy makeover.”

  1. Micromastia

Some boob jobs are actually given to teenagers as a high school graduation gift. However, board-certified cosmetic surgeons would prefer not to perform any kind of breast surgery on patients under 22 years old. The reason is the breast tissue is not fully developed until that age. However, there are certain instances where augmentation surgery becomes necessary. This includes cases of micromastia which is a condition where the breasts fail to fully develop after puberty.

  1. Severe breast asymmetry

Another situation that necessitates breast augmentation in young patients is the presence of severe breast asymmetry. Asymmetry may result from micromastia as well as hormonal imbalance. This condition is quite uncommon but it can have a massive impact on a woman’s overall appearance. The majority of patients who opt for breast augmentation are trying to even out their asymmetrical breasts.

  1. Gynecomastia

It’s not only females who elect to undergo a breast surgery procedure. Some men will require some form of reduction breast surgery if they suffer from gynecomastia.

  1. Unwanted attention

According to studies, most men prefer bigger breasts in women. However, not all large-breasted women are happy with that fact. In general, most women with large boobs aren’t too happy with the unwanted attention they get thanks to their larger breasts so they turn to breast reduction surgery as a solution.

  1. Mastectomy

Mastectomy is common on patients who have suffered from breast cancer. To bring back their figure, patients often turn to breast reconstruction surgery using implants. The operation for mastectomy patients is more complicated than simple augmentation in an ordinary patient. Aside from the placement of the actual implant, the operation also includes skin grafting and construction of the nipple-areola complex.

  1. Enhanced sex life

A cosmetic surgeon from Brazil claims that patients who received breast implants tend to experience greater sexual arousal and satisfaction. The surgeon, Paulo Guimaros, included 45 women in his study. After the operation, 36 of the participants noticed a significant improvement in their sex life.

  1. Better fitting clothes

It is said that women’s clothes are designed to fit someone with a C-size cup. Women who have breasts too small or too large for that size sometimes opt to undergo an augmentation or reduction surgery to make their body look flattering in any clothes.

  1. Youthful body

Bigger and fuller breasts can make one’s figure look younger as opposed to small and sagging breasts. That is why breast augmentation combined with breast lift is such a popular option in older patients.

  1. Satisfaction with one’s appearance

Women who are not pleased with the current size of their breasts often become more confident about themselves once they undergo breast augmentation. According to a study conducted at the University of Florida, participants who had their breasts enhanced through surgery experienced significantly greater self-confidence after the operation.

Undergoing breast surgery is a personal decision that must not be taken lightly. A patient should do it for their own improvement goals and not for anybody else. Don’t have it just to meet another person’s expectations. The procedure can have a huge impact on the life of the patient and the decision should not be made lightly. A patient considering a breast surgery, be it augmentation or reduction, should have it done by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with experience and proper training.

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