Breast Implant for a New You

Wouldn’t it be great if we were all blessed with our ideal body image? In a perfect world, this might happen but we do not live in a perfect world. Therefore, we must take action to make changes to the body. Breast implants are one of the many ways women choose to make a change in their appearance. Women have breast enhancement surgery for various reasons including discontent with their current size or shape, low self-esteem or post-childbirth changes to the look of the breasts. Do you know how breast implants can change your life?

Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

When you have small breasts or asymmetry of the breasts, you may feel a lack of self-esteem and confidence. Small breasts can make you feel insecure about your femininity and make it difficult to purchase the clothing styles you desire to wear. You want to look your best at work, or with friends, but low self-esteem can get in the way of that. When you feel negative about your body, it impacts your confidence level. A lack of confidence can hurt your social life, romantic affairs and career. Many women who were dissatisfied with their breasts reported a boost in their self-esteem after breast implants. When you love your look, it is easier to feel confident about who you are and what you can do. Therefore, breast implants can also increase your self-confidence. Additionally, many women tend to have a shift in lifestyle after breast implants. They begin to eat healthier, exercise and even stop habits such as smoking or excessive drinking. They strive to look great on the outside as well as feel good on the inside.

Childbirth Changes

Once you have children, you will notice a change in your breast tissue including some stretched tissue and skin. Your breasts may shrink in size as well as become saggy or droopy. The changes may be minimal or very noticeable but they are often unwelcome. Breast implants can help you gain a younger appearance and feel more comfortable with your body. Some women see implants as an opportunity to recover breast volume and to also enhance their breasts to a bigger size than they were initially. However, keep in mind that you may need a breast lift with implants to restore your breasts to what they were before childbirth or to achieve your overall goals.

Build a Healthier You

Illnesses, trauma and life-changing diseases can hit you like a brick wall. Many women turn to breast reconstruction surgery to repair damaged breast tissue after an accident or a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction can be performed whenever a patient is ready after a mastectomy. However, studies have revealed that the timing of reconstructive surgery has an influence on the psychological benefits of the surgery. This means that those who immediately had reconstruction after a mastectomy had a higher psychological boost.

Positive and Negative Changes

Even though there are many positive benefits of breast implants, you must also be aware of the negative ones. Breast implants are a life-long commitment. It isn’t like altering the color of your hair and then changing your mind. Therefore, the decision to have breast augmentation should not be taken lightly. Of course, a person displeased with their implants can have them removed. However, the breast tissue is not going to look the same as it did before the surgery. Furthermore, implants don’t last a lifetime so you should expect to have an additional surgery to replace them at some point. Finally, patients who are unhappy with their general appearance may not benefit from breast augmentation since their issues tend to run deeper than problems with the breasts.


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Breast Implant for a New You

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