Top Countries with Breast ImplantsIn the past, a large bust line and roomy hips were two key factors a male looked for when selecting a woman of his choice. Having wider hips meant that a woman was capable of bearing strong children. Furthermore, having full and shapely breasts was a sign that a woman was capable of feeding and rearing a child with ease. However, that was then and this is now.

With evolution, man became aware that even the leanest of women could bear healthy children and small breasts are well equipped with the nutrition a child needs. Yet, having large symmetrical breasts is still quite important in many countries. With society being so tough on personal appearance, billions of people are left feeling insecure about their breast size. In many countries, even a woman with ample breast size may opt for breast augmentation due to the fact that she just doesn’t measure up to the majority of women. Here are the top 10 countries sporting breast implants in bulk.

#10 Greece

Greece is a country that some may call image-obsessed. In fact, most of the European countries could accept the award of “image driven.” Yet, Greece is all about fitness at a cheaper cost. With Greece’s economic crisis, personal spending is quite limited. Therefore, many people travel to Bulgaria to gain their enhanced look. In Bulgaria, a breast augmentation is 30-50% less than that of Greece and the care is just as good. With so many residents traveling to another country for their uplifting experience, it is hard to calculate the percentage of people taking part in the beauty of breast implants.

#9 United Kingdom

It is inevitable that the UK ranks in the top 10 countries with the most breast implants. Why? The UK is one of the world’s leading fashion centers. They are known for their beautiful female celebrities with an abundance of breasts and thin bodies. The UK averages approximately 30,000 breast augmentations per year. Since most of the surgeries performed on these lovely young ladies is for personal reasons, and not medically necessary, the cost is not covered under insurance. So, what does the average breast implant procedure cost a person? Breast augmentation ranges in price between $7000.00 to $9000.00 US dollars per surgery. That’s quite a bit of beauty there!

#8 Canada

Canada has its own style all together. Although this country tends to be less celebrity driven and far more down-to-Earth, Canada still has its own views about fashion. The same movies, magazines and internet flow through this country too. Of all the cosmetic surgeries performed in Canada, 25% are elective breast implants. However, you may be surprised to hear that Canada provides a more down-home feel with their patients. It is definitely noted that Canadian cosmetic surgeons are more apt to sit down and discuss the “ins and outs” of this procedure rather than simply passing a potential patient a brochure.

#7 Russia

Many US supermodels originally came from Russia. These dark, exotic beauties or icy white blondes are not really known for their busty figures. They are known for their height, sleek look and angelic faces. Still, young women who dream of being whisked away to live the life of a supermodel will elect to undergo breast enlargements in order to increase their chances of being noticed by modeling scouts.

#6 Columbia/ Venezuela

With a collective total of 82,900 breast augmentations performed last year, Columbia and Venezuela hit the top 10 list. However, the past few years have seen a rise in the number of botched surgeries in these countries. These faulty implants left a majority of women needing additional surgeries and no money to assist them with it.

#5 Spain

Many people are quickly learning to travel to Spain for breast implants. Why? Because Spain performed 38,800 breast implants in 2013 at an average cost of $2500 per surgery. You could vacation indoors for 7-10 post surgery days in beautiful Spain while recovering from your surgery.

#4 Germany

In 2013, Germany came in 4th with 55,160 breast enlargements! Germany is known for its sausage but also for its “large” number of penile enlargements performed within the same year. Therefore, not just breasts are getting larger in Germany!

#3 Mexico

Mexico accounted for 57,690 breast implants in one year. The new breast recruits were not just Mexican women. Due to the cheaper services in Mexico many women traveled for the reduced prices to enlarge their breasts.

#2 Brazil

In 2013, Brazil almost made it to the top for breast enlargements at 226,000 surgeries performed. Many women receive plastic surgery as a birthday gift, graduation or other celebrations.

#1 United States

America is the number one country sporting breast enhancements. In 2013, the US hit a booby boom with 313,700 breast implant surgeries. This country is more image-obsessed than any other. With young girls idolizing large breasted women and a society that hungers for beauty and fashion, the United States spent a drastic amount of money on cosmetic surgeries.

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